Ohio Trip


The purpose of the 2021 Ohio Trip was to give our boys an opportunity to play against top competition while providing them with exposure and an educational experience.

Go to Ohio a boy, return a MAN.


The opportunity to face quality pitching and hitting was evident in Ohio. The pitching we faced was consistently 87-93 mph. We also got to face top Ohio pitching prospect Drew Graham. The 6'6 Patrick Copen of Marshall University was something to see and Ethan Adkison's 3-pitch mix was filthy from the left side.


Why Ohio? Ohio is the mecca for exposure. The Hawaii Tigers Ohio Trip provides 3 avenues of exposure. Exposure to the professional scouts is something Ohio offers due to the elite talent within the state. Players will also get exposure to the various colleges in the area and the college coaches driving in to find the next Andrew Benintendi or Ken Griffey Jr. Exposure to the big time club ball organizations is something unique about Ohio. Perform well against these teams and maybe get your summer extended with one of these all expenses paid for club teams.

A Taste of College

First things first, there will be a dress code for the flight (polo shirts with long pants). Players will also room together and be expected to show up for breakfast in the morning. We will also workout as a team on off days and conduct bed checks at night.